A Wholesome Service
PiFi™ and PiFiZone™ is part of a Service Design of Ecocarrier Inc. that provides you with a compelling great value proposition.

The other services are:

The Compelling Great Value Proposition

The combined operation of the Service Design provides you the user with savings of 55% to 90% compared to what your home country mobile operator would charge you for:

•  making international voice calls from your mobile handsets when you are within your home country

•  data service for access to the Internet when you are abroad and connected to foreign mobile network or mobile roaming

•  making international voice calls when you are mobile roaming abroad.

PiFiZone offers best-value high-quality service at low cost to you!

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PiFi ™ is an intelligent way to meet your need as a user of a mobile communication device for effective, convenient and low-cost affordable high-speed data service for access to the Internet whenever you need/want to and wherever you may be in a 3G mobile network.

It is a compact design a little smaller and lighter than an iPhone 4S made up of the most powerful and efficient chipset and electronics for connection to 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G (HSPA+) network at available high speeds and for generating broadband bandwidth in a PiFiZone™ or Personal WiFiHotzone sufficient for use by up to 5 devices in WiFi.

Mobile network is now ubiquitous and the Mobile Network Operator (“MNO”) of most countries offer 3G high speed data service (as much as 2GB in a month) as part of a service bundle for voice, text and data at a very reasonable monthly flat charge that is of great appeal.

You can use PiFi:

In your home country mobile networks, you would use PiFi with the 3G SIM of the MNO to whom you have subscribed for the services and you can create (with a press of a button on the PiFi) a PiFiZone™

In a community, family or business gathering indoors or outdoors where you need to have high speed access to the Internet from one or more laptops, tablets or mobile handsets to do emailing, browsing websites, downloading file, on-line chat and making voice call by IP telephony etc.

In mobile networks outside your home country mobile networks, you would create PiFiZone by using PiFi with Ecocarrier’s PiFiSIM. You may be in a locale where PiFiZone is the only means of going to the Internet. When you are abroad and mobile roaming, PiFiZone is usually the only way to get convenient and affordable connection to the Internet.

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PiFiSIM is a data SIM specially designed for use with PiFi to provide PiFi with the best data service for connection to the Internet through the 2,5G,3G and 3.5G mobile network of mobile network operators in various countries worldwide.

Our specialized PiFiSIM card gives you low-cost pay-as-you-go data roaming in 100+ countries.

Many rates are less than $1/MB whereas your carrier will charge you upwards of $5-$30/MB for a data pass which expires in the same month or day; that is a compelling for saving of 90% or more!

PLUS many more countries

PiFi is built to work with a PiFiSIM card and you can even configure your unlocked smartphones to use a PiFiSIM card at super low data rates.

PiFiSIM-R is available now.