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Ecocarrier announces the launch of PiFi personal hotzone and PiFi Services for lowest cost communications while roaming
2012-08-07, Toronto

Ecocarrier Inc will launch its PiFi Device and PiFi related Services on October 1, 2012t which will make mobile data services for WiFi enabled devices ubiquitous and affordable for all travelers including international voice calls dialed from Smartphones via IP telephony at the lowest costs.

The PiFi Device is a compact, dedicated, wireless hotspot device operable by any SIM card with associated data services. It is capable of providing WiFi for internet connectivity for up to 10 mobile devices anywhere on a 3G network. With the SIM installed, it becomes a secured Personal WiFiHotzone with the push of a single button. The device itself will retail for $150 + applicable taxes.

PiFi is part of an ensemble of products and services which include PiFiSIM, PiFiDialer and PiFiVoice that together form a compelling value proposition.

PiFiSIM is a data SIM specially designed for use with PiFi to provide PiFi with the best data service for connection to the Internet through the 2,5G,3G and 3.5G mobile network of mobile network operators in various countries worldwide.

With select PiFiSIM cards, users visiting the USA will enjoy roaming data service for as little as US$0.16 per MegaByte on AT&T’s network as part of a no contract pay-as-you-go billing model which is significantly less than the 3¢ per Kilobyte (as much as US$30 per MegaByte) that is typically charged for data roaming services for people visiting the Caribbeans and Central America, Costa Rica in particular, a data service priced at US$1.40 per MegaByte of data transfer on Digicel 3G network is a boon.

PiFiDialer is a dialer app for use with Smartphone or PC/Laptops to make telephone calls by IP telephony protocol.

PiFiVoice is the call termination service that carries a call made with PiFiDialer to the dialed destination and connects an incoming call, that is dialed to the PiFiDID Number of the PiFiDialer, to the PiFiDialer to enable a telephone conversation in either case.

Users of PiFi and PiFi Services can take advantage of the great savings that can be derived with the services for making international calls while connected to the home country mobile network and for data service and international voice calls when mobile roaming abroad outside their home country mobile networks . The company projects the sale of a million units of PiFi devices in worldwide markets next year and has plans to add support for LTE networkas well as expansion of network coverage for its PiFiSIM services at even better and more are favorable roaming rates.

The device is now available for pre-order online at www.pifizone.com

About Ecocarrier

EcoCarrier Inc, a private Canadian corporation established in 1999, provides managed telecommunication services and offers products such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) gateway, prepaid calling card, pinless calling card, roaming SIM card, mobile broadband on demand (mobile internet services), callback services, PC-to-phone, and more. The company currently supports managed services in 103+ countries across 183 mobile operators, carrying a total of 10 billion minutes of monthly call volume.

Ecocarrier is supported by partners who are leading technology providers, service providers, carriers, and network operators who have achieved years of profitable growth and successful ground breaking work in telecom products and services.

For more information visit www.pifizone.com or contact us at info@pifizone.com